Jesus replied, ‘Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’
— John 14:23

A critical and distinguishing factor about Mustard Seed Homes is just that --- it is a home, not an orphanage.
Every child has a home for life.  While some children have been adopted, the primary goal is build a community.

There are two homes in Nicaragua:

MANAGUA --- The younger and more severely disabled children are here

Approximately 28 children, from infancy to teenager are here.  Many are unable to feed themselves, walk unassisted or toilet independently and rely on the loving care of small and dedicated group of caregiver, some of whom have been there since this home opened in 1999.

DIRIAMBA --- The more able-bodied older children and young adults live here

In 2006, with the walls at the Managua site pushed to capacity and literally crumbling due to termites, a large parcel of land 45 minutes away and in the cooler climes of the mountains was purchased and clearing and construction began.

As with all large families, it takes many hands to keep this home running, and this means the 26 brothers and sisters have to pitch in as each is able. Before and after school, which is onsite, you’ll see them raking leaves, helping in the kitchen, washing and hanging clothes, tending the crops, feeding the pigs and chickens.That is another goal of all the Mustard Seed Homes: to establish a cottage industry that generates an income. The sole source of support for Hogar Belen are financial donations (which are tax-deductible).

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